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Kardia Spiral for Cardio-Thoracic Drainage by Redax

Facilitating Performance with an Inventive Spiral Design

Kardia Spiral Offers Drainage, Patency and Satisfaction

Redax, an Italian manufacturer new to the US market, has introduced its proprietary and innovative line of fluted thoracic catheters including the Kardia Spiral that enhance fluid drainage, flow performance, and patient comfort.

Thoracic Catheter

The Redax Kardia Spiral facilitates performance based on its inventive spiral design. The Kardia Spiral sustains drainage by capillarity while further enabling highly complex positioning within the wound for continuous drainage, early ambulation and patient comfort.


Product Code Description Qty/Box
25019 Kardia Spiral for Cardio-Thoracic applications Fr 19 10/Box
25024 Kardia Spiral for Cardio-Thoracic applications Fr 24 10/Box
Spiral Fluted Design
  • Enhances drainage surface area as much as 10x compared to traditional drains
  • Enables complex positioning
  • Permits use of smaller French sizes
  • Minimizes tissue invagination
Direct High-Flow Transition
  • Maintains catheter patency
  • Enhances flow performance
Silicone Construction
  • Reduces patient pain/discomfort for early mobilization
  • Bio and Hemo-Compatible
  • In-dwelling portion is completely radiopaque

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To learn more about the Kardia Spiral and other Redax products, contact (888) 891-1200 or email us to be connected to your local representative.

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