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Jackson-Pratt™ Silicone Catheters by Redax

Designed for Positioning, Patency, and Drainage

Enhance Patient Outcomes and Comfort

Redax Jackson-Pratt™ type drains provide safe and effective drainage of surgical wounds. Made of transparent silicone for softness and flexibility, its smooth surface provides ease of insertion and an atraumatic profile. The flat style offers a unique hubless design.

Silicone Benefits
  • Softness reduces pain/discomfort for early mobilization and removal
  • Bio and hemocompatible
  • Kink-resistant
  • Transparent for drainage visibility
Other Features
  • X-Ray line
  • Depth marks for safe positioning
  • Flat and round options


To learn more about the Jackson-Pratt™ Silicone Catheters or other products from Redax, contact (888) 891-1200 or email us to be connected to your local representative.

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