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Round Coaxial Thoracic Drain (One Drain Solution) by Redax

The Redax Coaxial facilitates two functions in one: effectively enables the expedient removal of bodily fluid and air from the pleura due to its outer fluted design and inner lumen with distal perforations. Patient satisfaction and comfort are enhanced due to the softness of silicone and only one insertion site.

Dual-Action Catheter
  • Internal lumen with perforations for air removal
  • Outer fluted design for fluid removal
  • Enhances drainage surface area as much as 10x compared to the traditional drain
  • Minimizes tissue invagination
Direct High-Flow Transition
  • Maintains catheter patency
  • Enhances flow performance
Silicone Construction
  • Reduces patient pain/discomfort for early mobilization
  • Bio and Hemo-Compatible Dual-Action Catheter


Product Code Description Qty/Box
24725 Round Coaxial Drain 24Fr; 680mm 10/Box
24726 Round Coaxial Drain 28Fr; 680mm 10/Box
24727 Round Coaxial Drain 24Fr; 580mm 10/Box
24729 Round Coaxial Drain 28Fr; 580mm 10/Box

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