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Silicone Thoracic Catheters by Redax

Designed for Positioning, Patency, and Drainage

Enhance Patient Outcomes and Comfort

Redax Silicone Thoracic Catheters enhance patient outcomes and comfort while maintaining patency. The soft, flexible silicone reduces pain in early ambulation and upon removal. Complications are minimized due to the silicone’s kink resistance, and bio and hemocompatibility. The elliptical smooth side eyes and open distal tip minimize occlusion and encourage fluid evacuation.


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Silicone Benefits

  • Softness reduces pain/discomfort for early mobilization and removal
  • Bio and hemocompatible
  • Kink-resistant
  • Transparent for drainage visibility

Other Features

  • Elliptical and tapered smooth side eyes
  • Open, tapered distal tip
  • Depth marks for safe positioning
  • Straight or angled options

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