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Silicone Reservoir Bulb by Redax

Designed for Drainage, Safety, and Satisfaction

Silicone Reservoir and Closed System

The Redax Drentech proprietary Closed System option increases drainage capacity and ensures patient and clinician safety. The transparent, flexible silicone reservoir bulbs enhance patient satisfaction and allow for visible, continuous drainage. Anti-reflux valves prevent backflow, leakage and contamination ensuring patient and clinician safety.

Increase Drainage Capacity

The Redax Silicone Reservoir Bulbs feature a closed system, anti-reflux valves, and silicone construction. Read more about these features below.

Closed System Benefits
  • Additional bag allows for continuous drainage
  • Closed system ensures patient and clinician safety from contamination
Anti-Reflux Valves Benefits
  • Dual inlet ports on 200 and 400ml reservoirs allow connection of two drains without Y-connector
  • Internal anti-reflux valve on reservoir prevents backflow of fluid for patient safety
  • Anti-reflux valve on collection bag avoids fluid leakage and contamination for clinician safety
Silicone Construction Benefits
  • Transparency enhances drainage visibility and measurement
  • Continuous suction minimizes tissue trauma



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