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Retractors and Suture Management by Chase Medical

Retractors and Suture Management

Chase Medical offers accessories to complement its portfolio including FasTract Sternal Retractors, FasTract Suture Stays and Disposable Platform Blades.

FasTract Sternal Retractors
  • Low-profile rail system
  • Universal Dubost-style sternal blades (fixed) ease insertion
  • Versatile use for on and off-pump procedures
  • Optional, integrated suture management coils
  • Two blade depths available: 35mm and 43mm
  • Can be used with the Chase Medical Viper I Vacuum Stabilizers and the Tripod Mechanical Stabilizers
FasTract Suture Stays
  • Durable, stainless steel coils securely hold sutures in place
  • Disposable device
  • Available in pairs or singles
  • Can be used with the Chase Medical FasTract Sternal Retractor
Disposable Platform Blades
  • Integrates the sternal blade, suture management and a platform for positioners and stabilizers
  • Rails easily slide onto metallic base retractors
  • Each arm has four locations to easily manage and adjust suture tension
  • Low-profile system


Product Code Description U/M
RTC-1000 FasTract Sternal Retractor, Regular Blade (35mm), Reusable 1
RTC-1000-C01 FasTract Sternal Retractor, Deep Blades (43mm), Reusable 1
RTC-1000-C02 FasTract Sternal Retractor, Deep Blades (43mm), Modified, Reusable 1
RTC-1020S FasTract Suture Stays, Disposable, Pair 5 pairs
RTC-1030S FasTract Suture Stay, Disposable, Single 5
DPB-8000S Disposable Platform Blades 1 pair

For more information about the retractor and suture management products from Chase Medical, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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