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Perfusion Sets for Cardiopulmonary Bypass by Surge

Connections Made Easy

Perfusion Sets with Various Tubing Configurations

Surge Cardiovascular boasts nine different types of perfusion sets to meet any cardiopulmonary bypass needs. The combinations include sets that are vented or non-vented, color coded or non-colored clamps, and antegrade or retrograde options, along with soft or more rigid tubing and multiple lengths.

Multiple Perfusion Set Highlights
  • Used during cardiopulmonary bypass to connect multiple coronary cannulae to a single infusion line
  • Tubing configuration allows delivery of cardioplegia solution to an antegrade cardioplegia cannula and three vein grafts
  • Constructed of soft tubing, color-coded clamps provided for flexible flow control
Perfusion Set Highlights
  • Antegrade/retrograde perfusion set with color-coded tubing delivers cardioplegia solution through either retrograde or antegrade cardioplegia cannulae without changing cannulae connections, large stopcock base with self-adhesive easily adheres to surgical drape
  • Used in conjunction with Surge antegrade cardioplegia cannulae and vessel cannulae to facilitate delivery of cardioplegia solution to the heart
  • Configuration can consist of PVC tubing, tubing slip connectors (vented or non-vented), male luer, female luer, and color-coded clamps for flexible flow control


To learn more about the Perfusion Sets for Cardiopulmonary Bypass and other Surge products, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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