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Smart Drains (Round and Flat Fluted) by Redax

The REDAX Smart Drain’s four-channel fluted profile increases drainage surface area for enhanced drainage while its direct transition enables high-flow performance and mitigates clot formation. Soft silicone construction improves patient comfort, leads to early ambulation, and greater patient satisfaction. Available in both round and flat configurations.

Four Outer-Fluted Channels
  • Increases drainage surface area as much as 10x compared to traditional drains
  • Minimizes tissue invagination
Direct High-Flow Transition
  • Maintains catheter patency
  • Enhances flow performance
Silicone Construction
  • Increases patient comfort for early mobilization
  • Bio and Hemo-compatible

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To learn more about the Smart Drains and other Redax products, contact your local MED Alliance Solutions Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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