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MicroSurge BlowMister by Surge

Gently Mist Away Blood at the Surgical Site

Improve Visibility with the BlowMister

Surge™ Cardiovascular’s BlowMister is a device that delivers CO2 and saline to gently clear blood and improve the visibility of surgical areas. The BlowMister is constructed of a plastic handle and a malleable wand for ease of positioning and boasts a soft distal tip that contains a plastic tube which carries saline solution through the device. The proximal end includes a Y-shaped connector with a fluid inlet line and a gas inlet line. The fluid administration set has both a roller and a tubing clamp, which provides a means to adjust fluid flow. The malleable wand is 6″ and the tubing is 10′ in length.

Versatile Delivery of Cleaning Solution

The BlowMister allows ease of access to a variety of areas in the operative site while offering multiple flow options, and can be used ambidextrously, providing accessibility to any surgeon.

Features Include
  • Malleable wand for fully customizable shape and directional function
  • Non-handed design allows ambidextrous use
  • Pre-connected administration set easily connects to standard saline bags and CO2 connections
  • In-line volumetric flow allows for precise adjustment of output
  • Choice of mist or fluid output


Product Code Description Qty/Box
BLM-22150 BlowMister, malleable wand (6” length wand with 10’ tubing) with soft tip, preconnected administration (CO2/saline) set 5/Box

To learn more about the MicroSurge BlowMister or other Surge Cardiovascular products, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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