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IMA Couëtil Sternal Retractor by Delacroix-Chevalier

Improve Efficiency and Post-Operative Results

The original, Delacroix-Chevalier IMA Couëtil Sternal Retractor is a user-friendly solution for IMA harvesting. Its brilliant design provides controlled symmetrical retraction to allow for optimal access and exposure during harvesting of the IMA.

The IMA Couëtil Retractor enables operative efficiency and improved postoperative results with the following benefits:

  • Increased exposure with a reduced sternal spread
  • Self-retained stability
  • Wide selection of blade and hook sizes to accommodate all patient sizes
  • Low-profile to optimize space


To learn more about the IMA Couëtil Sternal Retractor and complementary Delacroix-Chevalier instrumentation, call MED Alliance Solutions at (888) 891-1200 or email us to be connected to your local representative.

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