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Kardia Spiral and Coaxial
Avoid retained hemopneumothorax and drain-related post-surgical interventions with Redax Kardia Spiral and Coaxial thoracic catheters. Everything but conventional, the inventive designs leverage a fluted surface area and flow dynamics to expedite drainage, maintain patency, and enable early ambulation based on improved pain scores.

  • The Coaxial enables simultaneous evacuation of air & fluid via its dual-action design (fluted profile with an inner lumen distally perforated). The Coaxial’s design and material have proven effective in the prevention of tube occlusion even when expelling large amounts of fluid.
  • The Kardia Spiral’s helical design and increased drainage surface area enable performance in highly complex positioning (i.e. posterior pericardium, MICS approaches), even in the case of hemorrhagic situations.
  • A direct transition from the in-dwelling design to a single bore tube increases flow and maintains patency.
  • Fluted profiles provide multiple routes of evacuation by capillarity into four distinct channels while dramatically increasing drainage surface area.

Learn how converting to the proprietary designs of the Redax Kardia Spiral or Coaxial can save you money, time and complications.

Clinical Studies
Click here for an independent study demonstrating that the spiral drains are safe and effective in cardiac surgery and are associated with minimal discomfort, or here for an independent study showing that the Coaxial is efficient in air-leak and fluid evacuation.

Schedule a meeting with one of our experienced representatives to learn more and see a sample of these unique thoracic catheters for yourself.