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Since the mid ‘90s there has been an increasing trend of surgeons utilizing minimally invasive methods to perform mitral valve repair and replacement. These procedures show similar outcomes to conventional surgery (open chest) but offer better results in terms of blood loss, hospital stay and recovery.

MED Alliance Solutions’ comprehensive portfolio can meet the needs of those surgeons with a complete approach to MiMVR with high quality, cost-effective cardiac medical devices and instruments.

Surge Cardiovascular

ALPINE Femoral Venous Cannula
The ALPINE Femoral Venous Cannula is designed to optimize drainage and facilitate improved vascular access. With a wide range of sizes (20-28 French) and twenty-eight slotted drainage holes for greater flow rates, the surgeon can choose the cannula size based on a patient’s anatomy without losing drainage capability. Wire-wound baskets maintain high flow, even as the left atrium is retracted. The ALPINE boasts a best-in-class cannula to introducer transition and a tapered/elongated introducer tip designed for improved percutaneous insertion and precise guide wire tracking.


Extended Length Vented Antegrade Cardioplegia Cannula
The Extended Length Vented Antegrade Cardioplegia Cannula enables aspiration into the secondary lumen directly outside the aortic wall to mitigate reinfusion of air emoboli. The cannula features universal connection to cardioplegia lines, a vent-line clamp for easy-on or off venting, and a dual-port tip for improved infusion and venting capability.

Extended-Length Cannula

Mini Suture Guide
The Mini Suture Guide offers a low-profile and versatile placement proving better conformance to a smaller incision and patient anatomy.



Coaxial and Kardia Spiral 
Coaxial and Kardia Spiral thoracic catheters can be used in a right lateral thoracotomy, with the Coaxial placed apically in the pleural space to remove air and fluid simultaneously. The Kardia Spiral is ideal for posterior pericardial drainage, based on its ability to be contoured in this tight cavity to maintain a high-surface drainage area and maximal flow through the drains’ direct, high-flow transition.

coaxial and kardia spiral

Delacroix-Chevalier & Péters Surgical

To learn the Delacroix-Chevalier or Péters Surgical MiMVR products offered through MED Alliance Solutions, call us at 888-891-1200 or email us to get in touch with a representative.


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