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Organization plays a critical role as Cardiovascular Surgeons maneuver around multiple cannulae, tubes, sutures, clamps, and other devices in an extremely small area when performing surgery. Surge Cardiovascular offers organizational surgery accessories to complement its innovative portfolio of quality surgical devices. Each accessory is designed to respond to the demanding environment of a cardiovascular operating room by promoting efficiency, organization, and safety.

suture guide

Suture Guides

Surge Cardiovascular offers the most comprehensive portfolio of suture guides, with three design options: straight, curved and mini. The suture guides provide suture retention and organization during heart valve procedures. The guides are available in multiple packaging configurations.



Tourniquets come in a variety of sizes and configurations to secure cannulae during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.  The stainless-steel wire snare offers rapid retrieval of the purse string while the color-coded sets allow for easy identification in the operative field. Tourniquet set configurations vary with options in color, length, quantity, and snare.

tubing organizer

Tubing Organizers

Tubing organizers maintain neatness and help eliminate tubing kinking and tangling by securing and organizing flexible tubing of various sizes in the sterile field. Organizers are available with and without clips.

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